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Housing Services

Emergency Shelter

In addition to offering victims and their children a safe place to stay, Hope Center’s 24-hour free and confidential emergency shelter offers a comprehensive range of services for victims of domestic and sexual violence and their families.

Services shelter residents have access to include but are not limited to: legal and medical advocacy, individual counseling sessions and support groups, housing advocacy, and assistance in goal planning and safety planning.

Shelter services are available regardless of gender, but may be offered at an alternate site.


One tactic an abuser may use against a victim is isolation – limiting their sources of companionship. Often, one of the few remaining sources of companionship a victim finds is with their pet.

Abusers may take this close relationship between the victim and their pet however and exploit it, inflicting harm upon the animal and, in many ways, upon the victim, too.
This is why between one-fifth to one-half of victims delay leaving abusive situations – because there are barriers to bringing their pets along with them.

To help reduce this avoidable risk, in some instances, Hope Center can access funds to shelter pets at a local kennel so that victims need not fear leaving their pets with their abuser.

Longer-Term Housing

The Hope Center operates eight Project-Based Voucher (PBV) housing units that, when vacant, are available for victims of domestic and sexual abuse who are Section 8 eligible to apply. (Often residents of the Hope Center’s housing units apply to live there when they are residing in the agency’s Safe House and a unit becomes available.) Residents work with Hope Center’s Case Manager in developing a service plan, based upon their goals.